Why National Bison Day is Important

On Saturday 11/7/2020 was National Bison Day, a day America spends to honor a majestic mammal that has played a cultural, economic, and environmental role in the history of the country. It was on May 9, 2016 that the buffalo named the national mammal and joined the ranks of the Bald Eagle as the official symbol of our country. Like the eagle, the buffalo being named at the national mammal is one of the greatest conservation success stories of all time. There are several reasons why the bison was named the national mammal and one reason is the bison has played a central role in America’s history and culture and helped shape the Great Plains and the lifestyle of Native Americans. The bison is the largest land mammal in North America and sadly this enormous animal can be hard to find.

There are only three wild buffalo herds left in American and they are all at National Parks. The reason why the buffalo is celebrated is that the buffalo represents North American wildlife as well as the destruction of North American wildlife. It’s a sad story how the buffalo were systematically destroyed to weaken Native American tribes and pave the way for urban sprawl. In 2016 President Barack Obama signed the law making the American bison the national mammal of the United States and this law was the result of conservation and Native American tribes organizing to preserve buffalo and their wildlife. Lets use the buffalo to expand conservation and protection of public lands. Lets use the National Bison Day to celebrate but also call for action to fight for public lands and turn the tide against climate change.