We are still in the Paris Climate Agreement, we may not be in officially but President-elect Joe Biden has promised to enter into the Paris Climate Agreement along with other sweeping climate action measures. We are still in the Paris Climate Agreement, not because we want to be but because we have to be in the international accord. Every year Iowa gets hotter and hotter and to mitigate these heatwave trends it’s going to take an international agreement. Currently much of Iowa is under drought conditions and we desperately need increased precipitation that will help us bank up water for soil moisture. Most of Iowa is running out of time to reverse drought conditions & we are moving into months that are typically drier. Iowa is not alone in climate change fueled disasters.

It’s been a year of devastating hurricanes and wildfires and record breaking temperatures, all with a mountain of evidence based science that it is clear climate change is here and threatening our livelihoods. The continued trend of extreme weather is devastating our health, environment and our economy. The last four years has been nothing but rollback after rollback by the Trump administration and the EPA have only made matters worse. We cannot continue our current course of inaction. Iowa needs to be at the table in the Paris Climate Agreement and Senator Grassley needs to bring his focus on combating climate change through international agreements. Think Iowa act global.