Joni Ernst and the meaningless victory lap on the Derecho

On August 10th 2020 over 1/3 of Iowa was hit by the Derecho, also known as an inland hurricane. Except a hurricane has much more notice and warning. Most Iowans have never heard of a Derecho and even seasoned meteorologists were caught off guard by the force of the Derecho. Iowa communities saw over 100 MPH winds and the greatest damage occurred in eastern Iowa where the highest wind speeds were recorded. The damage was similar to a tornado and Iowans were left without power for weeks. Senator Joni Ernst has promised Iowa swift relief but again Iowans are feeling the hurt from empty promises.

Joni Ernst has been on a meaningless victory lap praising the Trump administration’s efforts for handling the Derecho but those praises are completely political partisan talking points. Dozens of counties are still waiting to see if they’ll receive individual disaster relief. Trump has approved FEMA individual assistance for Linn County residents, but aid for neighboring counties is still pending. Farmers have been hit hard by Trump’s failed trade war but now are hurting again from dealing with FEMA’s response. Grain bins were destroyed and row crops were decimated by the hurricane winds. Iowa farmers are getting tired of excuses as Joni Ernst continues her victory lap.

Iowa’s drought is what made the Derecho so deadly. 97% of Iowa is in a drought and the trees broke off like twigs taking down power lines with them. Joni Ernst denies climate change without offering any evidence. Under Joni Ernst leadership we have seen the destruction of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Bear Ears National Monument, Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, and the The Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument. Ernst voted to confirm Andrew Wheeler who has spearheaded the national monument destruction agenda. Together Wheeler & Ernst have destroyed America’s natural heritage while allowing oil & gas producers to drill on public lands on next to nothing. It’s too late to educate Ernst on public lands protection, & it’s far too late for Iowa’s wildlife. The Derecho and the destruction of public lands and the increased pollution under Ernst’s leadership means future natural disasters.