Cindy Axne Protects Public Lands & Public Health

Congresswoman Cindy Axne has a vast amount of experience when it comes to conservation and protecting public lands. Axne use to work for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and currently is on the subcommittee on Conservation and Forestry. Cindy Axne’s district is home to several urban forests as well as a variety of state parks. Protecting public lands is vital for rural Iowa as conservation and hunting go hand in hand. Hunting fees pay for a lot of conservation and for hunting seasons to thrive we need public lands to be protected and separate from DC politics. Donald Trump and EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler are taking egregious steps to harm our air quality amid a global repository public health crisis. We commend Congresswoman Axne for moving swiftly to address this crisis. Cindy Axne understands that science matters in developing public policies that protect our health and environment.

We know that carbon pollution increases asthma rates among children and worsens other illnesses like heart disease and pulmonary disease. We have also known wildlife diseases are increasing and suffering from similar fates. When natural resources grow thin and ecosystems are polluted diseases run rampant. Attacking the climate crisis and the coronavirus will reduce pollution, protect our health, drive innovation, grow the economy, and create millions of new jobs. Public lands and parks can also be a source for new jobs in public health.

Public lands are essential to public health especially during a pandemic. Parks and other public lands have always been a community-based resource for relieving toxic stress. The stress of 2020 and the need to social distance can find a solution in our parks and public lands. Parks should be designated as an essential service and part of the emergency response to COVID-19. Cindy Axne voted for the Great American Outdoors Act, a bill that has provided the necessary funding to help repair America’s public lands and national parks. The bi-partisan bill will help create jobs that are low carbon as well as restore damaged natural habitats. Iowans overwhelmly supported the Great American Outdoors Act, except for Steve King who was the lone Iowa representative who voted no. With Cindy Axne’s leadership Iowa will continue to see improvements to public lands.

President Donald Trump and his supporters in Congress have no serious plan to address the climate crisis. No matter what the obstacle Cindy Axne continues to fight for Iowa wildlife and public lands. Biodiversity and eco-resilience are key to improving environmental outcomes. Iowa environmental coalitions are fighting for communities by demanding that any stimulus or recovery packages prioritize people over polluters. We can’t have healthy communities without clean water. Iowans across the state are demanding that any stimulus funds go to programs working to address climate change and support renewable energy. Public lands are vital for countless fish and wildlife species as well as for human recreation and sustainable economies. Keep public lands public, it’s Iowa nice.