Chuck Grassley Abandons Iowa’s Renewable Energy Industry

Senator Chuck Grassley has thrown away all the good work he has done on leading Iowa’s renewable energy industry. There was a time when Grassley wasn’t a partisan corporate stooge and that time was the 1980’s. The Farm Crisis in the 1980’s was devastating for Iowa farmers but out of that darkness came the Iowa renewable energy rebirth. Iowa farmers were energy dependent and had costly energy overhead. With the implementation of a variety of renewable energy sources, Iowa farmers were able to bring down the cost of energy while at the same time lowering their carbon footprint. It was a good thing until it lasted.

Senator Chuck Grassley has spent the last four years dismantling his career efforts in renewable energy. More than 620,000 U.S. clean energy workers have lost their jobs since March and Chuck Grassley could care less. Grassley has worked tirelessly to bailout the fossil fuel industry and ignore Iowa’s renewable energy industry. Iowa needs to evolve with the needs of the planet and the global demand for 100% clean energy. Grassley is not a forward looking person but a liar and a denier when it comes to climate change. Grassley should stop whining about the inevitable future and start working on behalf of Iowans.

Amy Coney Barrett is the definition of a rushed judgement. 39 days to vet a lifetime appointment is absurd. Amy Coney Barrett refused to answer any question during her confirmation but it was her non-answer on climate change that raised the most eyebrows. The majority of scientists and world leaders agree climate change is man made and a threat to human civilization but Amy Coney Barrett answered science questions as if it was an opinion. The Supreme Court should be a place for justice and reconciliation but with Amy Coney Barrett the Supreme Court will be nothing more than a backstop to any and all environmental protections.