Biden makes a great choice for the EPA

President-elect Joe Biden is off to a strong start in his pursuit of his revolutionary plans of bringing clean cars to the forfront of his economic & environmental protection plans with the choice of Michael Regan. Michael Regan brings a vast amount of experience to an agency that needs to enact President-elect Biden’s visionary climate policy & to undo the damage of EPA’s Andrew Wheelers desecration of the EPA. Michael Regan is the strong leader America desperately needs at the center of the EPA to rebuild our economy & protect our environment. Michael Regan will join a Cabinet of experienced & dynamic leaders who will prioritize public health while creating economic growth through renewable energy. The market for electric vehicles will grow at a fast rate in 2021 under Biden & Michael Regan’s leadership. Regan will return the EPA to its essential mission of protecting public health & enforcing environmental protection.

The EPA’s current administrator Andrew Wheeler is a former coal lobbyist who has never really left his former position. Wheeler did everything he could over the last four years to protect coal & hinder renewable energy. Despite the renewable energy sabotaging from the Trump administration, electric vehicles are still in demand due to the high demand for a more sustainable & cleaner car. The United States will have some catching up to do with the rest of the global market of electric vehicles. Sales of electric vehicles around the world are expected to be about 1.1 million units this year and US automakers are trying to keep up against the EPA’s clean car rollbacks. Biden’ climate policies are centered on justice, equity, & job growth. The Biden-Harris team will need to rebuild our struggling economy & fight COVID-19. We need to control the pandemic at the same time as address inequality & a sluggish economy. Senator Grassley & Ernst should swiftly confirm this nomination & give Iowa auto workers the guidance needed to meet the global demand for electric vehicles.